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Her early hooping skills were self taught using YouTube videos and lots of hula hoop meet-ups in Los Angeles. Since then she’s learned tons more by attending hula hoop camps and working with many wonderfully talented people who share her love of hooping. She is well known as a professional hula hooper with both, the Deaf and hearing communities. She uses regular hula hoops, as well as hoops with LED lights and fire. Most recently she has enjoyed expanding her skills to using other flow props like poi, juggling, staff, fire fans and others. 


Hula Bella, aka Monica Foletta, is a professional hula hoop artist, hoop dance teacher and a fire performer. Monica graduated from California School for the Deaf, Fremont in 2005 and earned degrees from Fashion Insistute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) L.A. in Graphic Design (2008) and Business Management (2013). Los Angeles is where Hula Bella calls home. She has had the opportunity to perform in many cities in California and throughout the U.S., and even Reims, France. She has been enjoying this career lifestyle for four exciting years!

Belief and great confidence in her skills have contributed in her ability to pick up tricks, sequences, and combinations easily, and is what has inspired her to pursue her career as a professional entertainer. This October she can be found hula hooping at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor in Long Beach, where they have five hauntingly scary mazes related to spirits who are said to roam the ship.

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